How to anticipate anxiety?

Anxiety is state of your body response to stress, or a fear of something that what comes next.
To simplify it, its a mental disease causing you trap yourself in thoughts for example if you are stuck in some financial crisis meanwhile you have lookout for your family too and you life keep getting you in trouble then this excessive pressure may trigger anxiety. Although its in your hand to control it some people can't handle the stress then usually people do and some can handle excessive stress without being out of control.

How to anticipate it.

However if you're suffering from anxiety you can kill it by taking right steps like, Take a deep breath and accept your current state and try to empty your brain and live in the moment, don't be a judgmental every time just observe, Try to stay positive in every situation because positive man can lead to best decisions, Don't over work yourself just give your self a break change your daily routine for sometime, And you know the best part. Do exercise because workout is the best anxiety killer. Use foods that reduce mental stress like citrus, Avoid sweet things because it will end up giving your more anxiety leaving sugary items will make you a bit uncomfortable but by avoiding it for some time will definitely give better results. If you're in a situation which gives a fear or stress just try to don't think at all try to focus on other things like You  have mom or dad who really loves you or any thing like that try to stay positive and it will also help in living your life and leads you to better person. What comes next will come no one can stop time so stop worrying about that much.



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