Get fit this Lockdown season!

This Lock-down season you're tired of sitting at home and want to do some activity? right! You're eating regardless of getting fat and weight.This is the workout that i do myself and i recommend it to you its so simple to do and you don't need any equipment's for these. I know that you guys got a plenty of time but it wont take too long it takes almost 30-45 minutes to do so get get ready to do some action and buckle up your pants and get started already.

No equipment workout:
Take 30-45 seconds break during each set and workout or if you're feeling not good then take 1-2 minute

  • jumping jacks (30 seconds) warm up
  • Speed boxing (30 seconds, 3 sets)
  • Push-ups (15 each set, total 3 sets if you are unable to do 15 reps then do how much you can)
  • Pull-ups (10 each set, 3 total sets if you can't then do how much you can)
  • Squats (20 each set, total 3 sets)
  • mountain climbers (30 seconds, 3 sets)
  • Hip bridge (20 seconds, 3 sets)
  • Crunches (15 each set, total 3 sets)
  • And walk or jogg in your lawn for 20 mins

That's it, just take the day off after the workout day just do 4 days a week. It's really simple isn't it and fun activity to do to keep yourself fit and healthy. And it also helps to reduce mental depression state and make you feel relax.



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