How to anticipate anxiety?

Anxiety is state of your body response to stress, or a fear of something that what comes next.
To simplify it, its a mental disease causing you trap yourself in thoughts for example if you are stuck in some financial crisis meanwhile you have lookout for your family too and you life keep getting you in trouble then this excessive pressure may trigger anxiety. Although its in your hand to control it some people can't handle the stress then usually people do and some can handle excessive stress without being out of control.

How to anticipate it.

However if you're suffering from anxiety you can kill it by taking right steps like, Take a deep breath and accept your current state and try to empty your brain and live in the moment, don't be a judgmental every time just observe, Try to stay positive in every situation because positive man can lead to best decisions, Don't over work yourself just give your self a break change your daily routine for sometime, And you know the b…

Get fit this Lockdown season!

This Lock-down season you're tired of sitting at home and want to do some activity? right! You're eating regardless of getting fat and weight.This is the workout that i do myself and i recommend it to you its so simple to do and you don't need any equipment's for these. I know that you guys got a plenty of time but it wont take too long it takes almost 30-45 minutes to do so get get ready to do some action and buckle up your pants and get started already.

No equipment workout:
Take 30-45 seconds break during each set and workout or if you're feeling not good then take 1-2 minute

jumping jacks (30 seconds) warm upSpeed boxing (30 seconds, 3 sets)Push-ups (15 each set, total 3 sets if you are unable to do 15 reps then do how much you can)Pull-ups (10 each set, 3 total sets if you can't then do how much you can)Squats (20 each set, total 3 sets)mountain climbers (30 seconds, 3 sets)Hip bridge (20 seconds, 3 sets)Crunches (15 each set, total 3 sets)And walk or jogg in…

Are there any medicine or cure for Covid-19?

Meanwhile some western, traditional or home remedies may give you some temporary comfort for Covid-19, but there is no evidence that prevent or cure Covid-19. WHO does not recommend any medicines including antibiotics as a  prevention or cure for Covid-19. However there is ongoing research that include both western and traditional medicines. WHO will continue to peovide updated information as soon as they find some clinically proven cure for this disease.

Are antibiotics in preventing the Covid-19?

No, Antibiotics do not work against viruses. They only work on bacterial infections. So the Covid-19 is caused by a virus, So the antibiotics do not work. Antibiotics should not be used as prevention against Covid-19. They should only be used to treat bacterial infection.

Who is at risk developing a severe illness?

We are still learning about Covid-19 affects people older people or the people with pre-existing medical condition such as high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, cancer or diabetes. These are the people who have significantly more chances to develop severe illness.

Should i worry about Covid-19?

Illness because of Covid-19 infection is basically mild especially for child's and adults. Almost 1 in every 5 people it can cause serious illness who got infected with this disease likely to go to the hospital. It is normal for people to worry about Covid-19 outbreak that affects them or their loved ones. 

We have to take quick actions to ourselves and our loved ones. First and foremost of these is regular thorough hand-washing and good hygiene of respiratory. keep awareness and follow the advice of local health authorities including restriction on travel, movement and gathering.

Beauty and fitness

Beauty is defined by how you see yourself as according to me. The beauty does not defined by some specific categories everyone has their own definition of beauty.You're beautiful in every way whether it's for men or women. Let's say you're beautiful but you're not in shape so you then every one will see you with ugly perspective and if you're in shape and enhanced yourself the perspective with which everyone sees you has change. So to be fit you have to do lot of intense workout give  a plenty of their time at gym but that's not true. Most of the who want's to be fit and get in shape doesn't know that gym play it's role by 30% to make you muscular and fit. Your diet has a major role in this what you eat is what really matters if you're not eating well your muscles will not recover and you're end up with tiredness, fatigue or maybe damaged you muscles. You don't need to do high intense workout to get in shape all you have to do follo…