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Language: INGLÉS

ISBN-13: 9781483571539

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Category : Architecture
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15 year-old Alexander Rore thought that he was leaving all of his problems behind when he and his mother separated from his despicable father and set forth to a new home, in a new town, with a new life. Now forced to live in a house that was older than old, with residents other than his mother, it turns out that this new house of his would bring even more problems to Alex than ever before.15 year-old Amelia Pickett was faced with the same problems over 100 years ago—in the same house—but she didnt get to crack the case before she was locked away in the unfriendly world of the paranormal hosts, which she named, The Silent Silhouettes. Lonely, afraid, and trapped in their world since 1913, Amelia had lost all hope in escaping the ghostly prison—until she met Alex.Putting his 2015 mystery-movie skills with her 1913 knowledge of the house and its past, together Alex and Amelia try to decipher the story behind their home and the Silent Silhouettes, but little did they know that alls not fair in the game of love and ghosts.