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Language: INGLÉS

ISBN-13: 9789810781125

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Towards the end of the previous volume, Anamarias, Irah and Daasarpias seem to have wandered into the abode of the Oceaneoples, a mystical realm, not given to the likes of ordinary folk to behold. Back from their strange journey, they wonder whether it has been nothing more than a dream.They soon encounter the Spirit of the Sea, a daunting warrior, even stronger than the individual powers of the Gragodonian emblems. Coming off second best, the three kings are steered towards the realm of Regnadea, home to the ferocious lion-like inhabitants of that land. The monarch of Regnadea has his eye on the Sceptre emblem of Meldovia. The emblem bearers eventually proceed towards the mysterious Misty Realm.The stalwarts become separated in the realm of mists and only Anamarias and Daasarpias find themselves in the presence of another mythical race of beings. The ways of this mysterious people confound the two young warrior kings. Before they finally take leave of their august hosts, Anamarias has a premonition of the passing of a future event.The Meldovian monarch catches up with his comrades. Together once again, the three warrior kings are directed towards the realm of Solma, a land taken over by a fierce race of reptilian creatures from another race of warrior human females. Here, they come upon more surprising encounters.In the midst of their quests, Anamarias and Irah fall for the temptations of the fairer gender. Daasarpias, the more wizened one, steers clear of such unwelcome distractions.In the meantime, the enemy becomes even mightier, with two of the five Gragodonian emblems coming into their possession. To proclaim themselves masters of all living kind, they only need one more of the mystically powerful emblems.Helpless to prevent the seizure of two coveted emblems, the three monarchs are forced to proceed along more dangerous trails, those which even the great sorcerer, Melthur, had not ventured upon in his time.