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What is enlightenment? What is the nature of the soul? Much confusion exists around these subjects, and practicality is all too often obscured by ill-defined, complex theory. When I decided to create this course I wanted to avoid these shortcomings so often found in religious teachings. To this end, impracticality and dogma have been minimized as much as possible. Since the subject of these lessons is the nature of the soul and how to care for it, I first had to be specific about how I am characterizing the soul. In Lesson One I show how throughout the history of religion, the life energy body and the mind have been considered two aspects of the soul. Once this is established, it is a relatively easy process to determine how to care for the soul, since religious teachers have taught for centuries how to care for the life energy body in systems such as Ayurveda, Buddhist forms of healing, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, while advances in modern psychology over the last 150 years have great practical application in caring for the mind. Ive endeavored to keep the technical jargon to a minimum and the information of practical value to everyday life. I am certain that those who study and apply the information given in these teachings will undoubtedly improve the condition of their souls, and in doing so will have a positive impact on humanity as a whole.