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Welcome to Easter Island falls in six parts of somewhat different nature, since it covers such a wide range of topics.Opening in Part 1 with some rather short chapters to get the reader started it proceeds into tales addressing a range of fundamental questions about our existence that man has always asked himself (and which neither science nor religion has been able to answer on their own).Part 2 explains who and what God is - and why the Created world exists.Part 3 explains what time” is, and together with Part 4 it transcends the borders of traditional science to explain our existence as human beings and put it in a bigger context.Part 4 explains who and what we are as creatures of space”.Part 5 deals with the perils of capitalism, and it is the theme the book has been named after, since capitalism and consumerism put us on the same trail as Rapa Nui followed on Easter Island.Part 6 deals with our modern Western societies and their unhealthy obsession with strong leadership” - under the heading of Hail Caesar!” This was also the original working title for the manuscript, but due to the emphasis on the Rapa Nui parallels, the title got changed during the project: Perhaps you could argue that this is a book with two interconnected titles…The different themes blend into each other throughout the chapters, but the main menu is as described, working its ways through a combination of childish curiosity, common sense, scientific facts, and spiritual awareness.