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If youre a mortgage loan officer or broker, were sure you can appreciate the issues the current recession has had in freezing our credit markets, locking out many potential home buyers or people that could refinance into some of the lowest rates in over 50 years. However they can’t, because the minimum credit score requirements to qualify for mortgage financing have increased an average of 50 points and lender overlays’ have complicated the issues in getting loan files approved. This Credit Power guide shows you the most effective, proven strategies and tactics used by credit professionals to repair damaged credit ratings and build up to 760 or higher FICO® credit scores. (See our Bonus Chapter on EXACTLY how to accomplish this!)This wasnt written based on theoretical mumbo jumbo like so many so-called credit help books on the market. It was written by consumer credit experts with an extensive background in finance, and based on many years of actual in the trenches experience, using strategies and tactics we developed to facilitate the removal of over one million damaging entries from over 100,000 (and counting) consumer credit files. These strategies have been used to successfully increase consumer credit scores an average of 55–70 points within just 3- 6 months!Dont let the low price fool you - people have paid us several hundred to a thousand dollars or more to have us use the exact same professional tactics and strategies in getting the results they want and need on their credit files. Since its physically impossible for us to serve the needs of 40+ million consumers whose credit ratings are considered sub-prime, our objective is to make this valuable information available to as many people as possible. We hope to make a significant impact on getting more people in the U.S.