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Little Eyolf was written in Christiania during 1894, and published in Copenhagen on December 11 in that year. By this time Ibsens correspondence has become so scanty as to afford us no clue to what may be called the biographical antecedents of the play. Even of anecdotic history very little attaches to it. For only one of the characters has a definite model been suggested. Ibsen himself told his French translator, Count Prozor, that the original of the Rat-Wife was a little old woman who came to kill rats at the school where he was educated. She carried a little dog in a bag, and it was said that children had been drowned through following her. This means that Ibsen did not himself adapt to his uses the legend so familiar to us in Brownings Pied Piper of Hamelin, but found it ready adapted by the popular imagination of his native place, Skien.