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ISBN-13: 9781617922398

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What others have said about Defy MediocrityI think you have created another MasterpiecePat GarufiDefy Mediocrity is a must read for every professional and for every young person coming out of college into the professional world. It clearly defines what sets the winners apart. I recommend all managers give this book to all incoming staff. A review posted on Amazon.comI was given a copy of (Defy Mediocrity) by my division retail manager and asked to read it. It lit me on fire. I have read through it four times and referred to it many more times. I think about something in the book every day because not only do the things you write about pertain to the business world but also to the family and the values we can try to instill in our children. If anyone reads this book and cant see that Mediocrity is surrounding us and trying to get its hold on us they obviously cant be too concerned about improving themselves. Thank you for the opportunity to be enlightened by your book.Cameron Ryan, Manager -- Econo FoodsI think everyone in business should be required to read Defy Mediocrity. Mr. Welch, we at Southern Office Supply, Inc. believe your book points a finger at each employee here including myself. Anybody and everybody can get some excellent insights about themselves and their fellow employees by reading your book.We are going to add Defy Mediocrity to our required reading list. Again, we think your book is an excellent tool to rebuild, rejuvenate, reiterate, what modern day business is all about. Thank you for your insight into the business world and how important continued and improved productivity can be even to a small business.Anthony McKee, President, Southern Office Supply, Inc.This book changed my life. This book really serves as a wakeup call to anyone that works for a living. It focuses you on the fact that you and only you are responsible for your own success.